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Colorado Crush Graffiti and street art festival

a group of people standing in front of a building

Monique Madison


The week-long Colorado Crush graffiti and street art festival came to a close today here in Denver, although as of this evening there were plenty of artists still working on their murals. This is such a unique event and guests of Mile High Bike Tours got to experience it first hand all week as we rode through the alley between 25th and 32nd streets in the RiNo district. Graffiti artists from all over the country were spray painting with reckless abandon and we got to witness the transformation of old works into new, which happens only once a year.

The vibrant art scene in the RiNo continues to evolve making it one of the hottest and trendiest neighborhoods in Denver. It’s the perfect area to get out on a bike and explore, and it’s only five blocks from Mile High Bike Tours headquarters.  Mile High Bike Tours is the only bike tour company that allows guest to sightsee this incredible area.

This 3-hour tour includes all the same great sights and attractions as the Denver City Tour. Toward the end of the ride, we explore the hip and happening RiNo District (River North) and make a stop at a local brewery.