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Mile High Bike Tours is Denver’s premier guided bicycle tour operator. There is no better way to explore downtown Denver’s treasured sites and must-see attractions than with a knowledgeable tour guide. We provide you with a unique and personal experience as we navigate along riverside bike paths, city bike lanes, and neighborhood streets. During the tour, we’ll visit diverse public art, important government buildings, beautiful parks, distinct architecture, professional sports arenas, and so much more! The tours are approximately 10 miles in distance and 2.5 – 3 hours long on flat, easy terrain. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Denver!


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Roger has been a guide in Colorado since 2005…and an avid biker for almost 50 years. His interests include history, physical fitness, sports and craft beers. “Colorado is a beautiful state and Denver a great city. Join me on a ride.”

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Brock grew up riding bicycles in the Black Forest on the high divide between Denver and Colorado Springs. He teaches Geography and History at Colorado State University in Pueblo and spent nearly twenty years leading bicycle tours down the Pikes Peak Highway. Brock rode his bike across New Zealand, toured all over the US with a rock and roll band, loves to travel and camp with his girlfriend and cat, and finally moved to Denver neighborhood where he spent his youth attending punk rock concerts.

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Karen is an avid cyclist, outdoor enthusiast and history buff.   She enjoys touring with visitors and locals alike on Denver’s great bike paths – and sharing the interesting sites shaped by our magnificent mountain setting.  Music – including flute and fife – is another activity she loves.  Now in her sixth season with Mile High Bike Tours, Karen would love to see which features you find most remarkable as you pedal around town: buildings of local marble and gold, public art, dinosaur discoveries or city venues!

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Justin grew up a farm kid in southern Minnesota.  After high school he spent 10 years in restaurant and bar management in Pacific Beach, San Diego. In 2018 he decided to take a sabbatical from work and travel for a while. His travels led him to 6 continents, 25 countries and many miles and stops across North America. The vagabond lifestyle slowed down in Nashville, TN where he picked up tour guiding. It started with walking tours of the Music City and led to touring the city in golf carts and even monster trucks. Only in Nashville! Now he spends his days on his bicycle. Whether it’s leading guests through the city or riding mountain trails he’s proud to call the seat of the bike his office.